F M Alexander

F.M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique teaches us to recognize and deal with painful or inefficient habits that affect how we move and feel about ourselves. As we shed old ways of thinking, we discover more efficient, comfortable, and pain-free ways of moving.

When you take Alexander Technique lessons, you begin a personal voyage of self-discovery. Your teacher facilitates your education of mind and body, using a gentle touch and guiding words.

You learn the importance of resting your back, how to quiet anxious thoughts, and how to replace unconscious patterns with conscious messages. Then you will expand your awareness and choose movement that will avoid stress and strain, decompress joints and release muscles. You will develop the basis for well coordinated, flowing movement in all your activities.


“While there was noticeable improvement starting from my first lesson with Ruth, I find that the longer we work together, the more I experience the benefits. I’ve almost eliminated some chronic pain areas and reduced others by 80 percent or more. My body is lighter, taller, straighter. I’m able to incorporate the “re-thinking” into all my other activities, from walking or sitting in a chair to practicing yoga. And I just feel so good! What’s more remarkable is that this success follows 30 years of yoga, chiropractic, Feldenkrais, and other modalities – where the improvements were far less noticeable, although I had been working with some very skilled practitioners. What I like most about Ruth’s approach is my new ability to intervene directly when I feel tension building: to de-stress my body and mind – and that the beneficial effects continue when we’re not in session.”
-Shel Horowitz
, marketing consultant, Green & Profitable syndicated columnist, and award-winning author of eight books including Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet


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