People learn the Alexander Technique for a variety of reasons, and begin lessons at almost any stage of life. If you recognize yourself below, the Alexander Technique is for you.

Children and Adolescents

In a world where children are often pressured to provide answers quickly, it is so valuable to offer your child a way to slow down. The great news is that children and adolescents are fast learners. With some motivation (for instance, improving in an instrument, sport, or becoming more comfortable at school), they often improve quickly.



Life is exciting and full – but soooo complicated! If you are already experiencing problems, now is the time to address these painful and damaging habits and avoid a lifetime of discomfort. And if you’re one of the lucky ones without aches and pains, the Alexander Technique can help you to learn better study habits, how to present in front of peers and teachers, and how to overcome the stresses of living in a quickly changing world.


Adults Aging Gracefully

Let the Alexander Technique be your antidote to the usual difficulties of middle or advanced years! We do not have to submit to the stereotype of slumping as we grow older. We can avoid the compression and the inflammatory flare-ups. Using the Alexander Technique, we can meet the stresses of life with tools to regain elegant posture, ease of movement, and comfort so that we feel lighter and more upright.



Lifelong Learners

You want to expand your awareness…live in the present…find a way to consciously breathe and be during every waking moment. Through the Alexander Technique, you will increase your capacity to think clearly and understand yourself. As you expand your attention to the physical space in and around you, you’ll find a new connection between your self and others.